I am contemplating something, possibly retiring this blog. I haven’t made a final decision, but just been really on my mind lately, even though I still love writing. I never want to feel like I’m forcing creativity, I have mentioned that before. I don’t want to be excessively repetitive either.


Successfully got my ISP switched over, glad to be back you all!

I hope life’s been treating you all well

I’d love to gather w/my readers

& sit for a spell, just chilling out

Listening to any stories you may

have to tell

As for me, I got a new book of poetry

for my anniversary, it’s a pretty neat read

You’d know the poet if I wrote his name

His work’s been around for ages

It can be pretty inspiring

Watching a fellow poet bleed their feelings out

onto reams & reams of pages

By: J.N.R Dutton