Coming Home To Stay

Thirty thousand feet above the ground Staring out a window, looking down Flying over the Astrodome, he can’t wait to get back home, It seems his family always ends up waiting there, cause he’s got another deal to make elsewhere, He told them, “This time I’m coming home to stay, I swear” He has flashbacksContinue reading “Coming Home To Stay”

Not Okay

If you can’t work, I get it, I sympathize with you but if you’re just lazy then that’s another issue If you really need a hand up, brother, that’s alright but if you’re playing the system you’re begging for a fight If you’re drinking booze & shooting needles in your veins While you live offContinue reading “Not Okay”

Friday Night (Stage) Lights

Playing music in his band on Friday nights, underneath those hot stage lights he feels like he’s soaring great heights, like a space cadet, though his day job is a pain When he plays he can forget, until Monday morning rolls around & he’s got to get back to it again By: J.N.R Dutton  Continue reading “Friday Night (Stage) Lights”