Today has been excellent here, thank you all, but I don’t have much more poetry finished @ the moment. As soon as I do, I will be sure to let you all know. Bear w/me & I promise it will be worthwhile, cheers.

Exciting Day For This Blog, Thanks To You All.

Had one of the best days on this blog that I’ve had in a while, so that’s exciting for me. Thank you all, I will not be sharing anymore poetry today though, going to recharge & spend some time w/my family. Everyone have a blessed evening/morning depending which side of the planet you’re on.

An Open Letter

The amount of continued interest in this blog has genuinely surprised me, and every day I continue to be so extremely thankful for it all.

If I could meet each and every one of the people who have supported this blog, I’d Love that. However, seeing as my readers are from all over, I know that isn’t possible. Nonetheless, know that it means so very much more than I can even express.