Stand Strong, Stand Wise, Don’t Apologize

If you’ve got truth to share,

always do it boldly

Don’t back down, don’t flinch,

Don’t give in one inch

Don’t let those that hate it win

Because once they shut you up

Once they got you under their thumb

It’s quite the challenge to rise up again

If you ever can,

Stand strong, stand wise, don’t apologize

By:J.N.R Dutton


She grew up in a house full of secrets

& sadness, tragedies hidden from view,

She had a habitually drunken father, &

faced horrific, terrible abuse

Going all the way back to the age of two, 

but she’s a fighter, a hard & gritty survivor

& now she stands for others who’ve struggled

with the same things that she’s been through

By: J.N.R Dutton








Challenges Are Good For You

There are concepts these days in common use, 

that I find utterly absurd,

or “for the birds” as I’ve often heard…

Things like “trigger warnings”

& “safe spaces”, these are just two

I know what they are SUPPOSED to do,

some people claim they help, but let me drop some truth

Difficult things are just part of life,none of us is immune

So instead of avoiding and hiding from such things,

let facing them strengthen you

By: J.N.R Dutton











When we describe courage, we use phrases like “having a spine”

One way we define it, is as having strength to confront what frightens us

If we could do it all the time, then it wouldn’t be extraordinary

We’ve all got things that are scary, like for me there’s heights, flights, fire,

and snakebites, just to name a few…

What haunts your mind, what are your issues?

Tell the truth & finally, tell me of a time

Your capacity for courage surprised you

By: J.N.R Dutton