A Dream That Won’t Fade

John had always dreamed of Broadway, and a life upon the stage but life took some twists & turns that he did not anticipate Now he’s a banker down in Georgia, some would say he’s got it made Still, he thinks back, as he’s approaching middle age He’s wondering if he should try one moreContinue reading “A Dream That Won’t Fade”

Frontier Fortitude

Caleb Mason was a boy of fourteen, but he behaved like a grown man Had to grow up quick on harsh frontier land His papa taught him the carpenter’s trade that’s how his youth was spent Learning how to be strong & self sufficient By:J.N.R Dutton                  Continue reading “Frontier Fortitude”

And The Rest Is History

Down in Lake Charles, Louisiana  Lives Eddy & his sweet Susanna He originally came from Alabama & she was raised in Texarkana They met on a Greyhound bus in 2003 He was originally headed for Georgia, her to Tennessee They sat down together, talked for what seemed like forever They found they were birds ofContinue reading “And The Rest Is History”

Ballad of A Banjo Picking Man

An old mountain banjo, it makes a lonesome mournful sound Like few things else anyone ever heard If you’ve never listened to one played Trying to explain it would be absurd He loved to pick and sing until one evening he had to lay it down, he went to the parlor to rest, thought itContinue reading “Ballad of A Banjo Picking Man”