Small town county fair,

Jingling tambourines

playing there

people gathering w/voices raising,

such sweet, sweet sounds

everybody celebrating

with smiles all around

By: J.N.R Dutton

All Good To Me

Decided to return a bit earlier than originally planned, did enjoy my short break though.

Judy was a South Memphis dream

She was a High School beauty queen

Raised by a daddy with a stern and heavy hand

Who never seemed to understand

the things on her heart

or the life she planned

or why she so fervently

Loved a boy in a band

She said, “Daddy, how can I make you see,

that Jay Loves & wants the best for me?”

Her daddy said: “precious girl, I just worry,

I want for your life only sweetness and beauty,

I can’t say I’ll ever understand what you see,

but if he truly Loves you, then all good to me”

By: J.N.R Dutton


Randy’s sitting in a motel room

He don’t need to check out til noon

He’s been sitting there all night

A lot is weighing on his mind

His heart was shattered by a longtime lady friend,   

who said she didn’t really think of him 

the same way he did her, 

He couldn’t believe how much it burned,

All his friends, well, they’re concerned

She’s still filling up his memories,

though he’s tried to drown them in a thousand things

It really is a shame you see, 

& misery loves company

By:J.N.R Dutton

Complete fiction, a creative writing piece, though inspired by some scenes from a music video.

Untitled New Poem

Jeffery James was a rodeo man,

he wore a black felt western hat

When he was leaving out of Amarillo,

he rested his head against a greyhound glass window,

using his hat as a pillow

As he started drifting to dream, he heard a scream

“Look ma, is that a real cowboy?”, that shout gave him a start

that about stopped his heart, it had come from a wild eyed boy

His mama said “child, you quiet down now”

but Jeff couldn’t help but smile,

he told the boy about all his adventures

They got to talking for a good long while

By:J.N.R Dutton

A Dream That Won’t Fade

John had always dreamed of Broadway,

and a life upon the stage

but life took some twists & turns

that he did not anticipate

Now he’s a banker down in Georgia,

some would say he’s got it made

Still, he thinks back, as he’s approaching middle age

He’s wondering if he should try one more time

to pursue that dream that just won’t fade

By:J.N.R Dutton