The Jacket

Ian’s got a weather beaten

leather jacket, black

his daddy gave it to him,

then went off to Iraq,

Ian didn’t know then,

his dad wouldn’t make it back

By:J.N.R Dutton

Dallas Blues

Kenneth went down to Texas, to play Dallas blues

Didn’t have much else going for him, said “what have I got to lose?” 

His talent was obvious, clear as a bell,the more he made his audience smile,

the more in love with it he fell,but there were some people who wanted

to change him, because they only cared about what would sell

He told them:

“If I gave into you, I couldn’t face myself”

By:J.N.R Dutton

















Coming Home To Stay

Thirty thousand feet above the ground

Staring out a window, looking down

Flying over the Astrodome,

he can’t wait to get back home,

It seems his family always ends up waiting there,

cause he’s got another deal to make elsewhere,

He told them, “This time I’m coming home to stay, I swear”

He has flashbacks of his daughter, at four years old,

w/pink ribbons in her hair

now she’s graduating college & he wants to be there

He knows her growing up without him hasn’t been fair

By:J.N.R Dutton



Jimmy & Johnny

The leaves on the trees are already showing

the Autumn hues

The air’s getting cooler but Jimmy &

Johnny are still running around without any shoes

They’re a rambunctious pair, it’s fair to say

Wild & crazy they love to play, like children do

Jimmy & Johnny stay outside until dark,

until they see street lights,

playing like they do really works up

a monstrous appetite

By then, John’s mama is yelling:

“it’s dinnertime, come in & get washed up”

they both rush home to scarf it down,

like they just can’t get enough

By:J.N.R Dutton






Sharecropper’s Son

He was born in a log cabin

in nineteen hundred & ten

He lived there as an infant & then

He grew up on a sharecropper’s farm,

a sharecropper’s wage never stretched very far,

He was a child with a heart of iron & grit

never complained, not a single bit

He had a great work ethic,

took any job he could get, 

worked even when he was sick,

It also didn’t hurt that he was smart as a whip

At the end of the day, all his slaving away,

lifted his family out of poverty’s grip

By: J.N.R Dutton