The Light In Your Smile

Tommy thought to himself “I’ve had all the lonely I can stand” as he sat and stared out a window with a cold cup of coffee in his hand He called up his best friend Jane, said “Can you please come by today“? she hadn’t seen him in what felt more like months than days,Continue reading “The Light In Your Smile”

On Time Delivery

I was watching a video today that inspired this poem Big windshield spread wide across the front of a monstrous rig Early morning brewed coffee, he takes another swig Brief breakfast & then, it’s back on the road again Another town he barely has time to see Got to deliver his load by three By:J.N.RContinue reading “On Time Delivery”

Dallas Blues

Kenneth went down to Texas, to play Dallas blues Didn’t have much else going for him, said “what have I got to lose?”  His talent was obvious, clear as a bell,the more he made his audience smile, the more in love with it he fell,but there were some people who wanted to change him, becauseContinue reading “Dallas Blues”

Coming Home To Stay

Thirty thousand feet above the ground Staring out a window, looking down Flying over the Astrodome, he can’t wait to get back home, It seems his family always ends up waiting there, cause he’s got another deal to make elsewhere, He told them, “This time I’m coming home to stay, I swear” He has flashbacksContinue reading “Coming Home To Stay”