His Best Jam

A wild-eyed drummer man

playing his best jam

energetic and free in a south

Memphis band

and a piano player,

plays right along

the crowds they all gather

enjoying the song

By: J.N.R Dutton

Hard Cards

His daddy died when he was ten

His mother was never the same again

She wasn’t all there for raising him

So he grew up being taken in

by school buddies & family friends

Though the pain was obvious in his eyes,

Despite all the things that traumatized him,

To everybody’s great surprise

He’s overcome it & he’s thriving

He’s sure hell-bent on surviving

He never really was one for whining

about the hard cards dealt in his life

he just pressed on, kept on shining

By: J.N.R Dutton

When I wrote this poem/these lyrics, the style I had in mind for an accompanying melody was kind of fast paced bluegrass. Maybe I will share an audio version with said accompaniment, sometime, with added verses of course.




Gypsy (The Music Man)

Seems like he’s spent

most of his life on the highway

He’s part poet, part modern day gypsy

He was born to roam

he couldn’t even tell you

the last time he was home

He’s got people that love him,

people that miss him

It’s not always easy,

sometimes it’s straight up lonely

but every night he hits the stage

playing his songs

it sends a thrill through him

when he hears people sing along

In his life he’s traveled thousands of miles

If his music really touches a soul once in a while

that to him is what makes it all worthwhile

By: J.N.R Dutton