Rosie smelled distinctly

like a mix of light vanilla & Chanel

Her husband knew that scent so well

When she was anywhere near

he could always tell,

From the day they met & every day since

more in Love w/her he fell

He knew her as well as he knew himself

He knew he never wanted anyone else

By:J.N.R Dutton

And The Rest Is History

Down in Lake Charles, Louisiana 

Lives Eddy & his sweet Susanna

He originally came from Alabama

& she was raised in Texarkana

They met on a Greyhound bus in 2003

He was originally headed for Georgia,

her to Tennessee

They sat down together, talked for what seemed like forever

They found they were birds of a feather, & the rest is history

By: J.N.R Dutton


Juanita said she wanted Gabriel to take her to a picture show

Gabriel said he had another idea, he put music on the stereo 

then waltzed her around their parlor nice & slow,

& before long she’d forgotten all about the picture show

The smile on her face was so bright it nearly glowed

Gabriel wasn’t always great w/romance,

but he knew Juanita could never turn down a dance

She’d do it every day if she got the chance

By: J.N.R Dutton