Win All or Bust

David Lee rode a bull named Thunder

that was wild and free as the

West Texas wind

David, he held on tight

with all of his might

for dear life that night

as that feral bull kicked up

a ruckus & dust,

Dave was determined to do what he must

for him it was win all or bust

By: J.N.R Dutton

Untitled New Poem

Jeffery James was a rodeo man,

he wore a black felt western hat

When he was leaving out of Amarillo,

he rested his head against a greyhound glass window,

using his hat as a pillow

As he started drifting to dream, he heard a scream

“Look ma, is that a real cowboy?”, that shout gave him a start

that about stopped his heart, it had come from a wild eyed boy

His mama said “child, you quiet down now”

but Jeff couldn’t help but smile,

he told the boy about all his adventures

They got to talking for a good long while

By:J.N.R Dutton