Easy Mark

Jamie was walking home one night alone in the dark

he looked like an easy mark to some thug w/a blade

in Riverside park, but the thug soon found out 

he was gravely mistaken…

When Jamie fought back the thug couldn’t take him

When it was all over the thug walked away shaking

The thug life is one error he won’t be making again

since Jamie taught him a lesson

By: J.N.R Dutton




Sometimes I read things written w/literally no coherency

Passed off as poetry, it’s always irritated me

There should be at least some sanity

In the words put to the page

I understand not every poem will rhyme

Sometimes even mine don’t,

but there should still be some kind

of stable flow, these days though

it seems like some people

try to pawn off disorganized 

schizophrenic thoughts as art

I can’t pander to it, I won’t

By: J.N.R Dutton