Couple still dances together like they did the night that they were wed, they are so connected, in each other’s heart and head

They took their vows seriously as well they should, and the life and Love they have together, oh it’s been more than good

With every heartbeat, every breath they take, they live each day to the fullest,

They don’t hold back or hesitate, they don’t let anything go to waste together

they love to celebrate

By: J.N.R Dutton

Let The Right One In

She said “My sweetest friend, hold me close while my heart is on the mend” He just smiled, and said “I will, you can count on me to the end”

That’s when she finally saw him, for who he really is, much more than a friend, and she leaned in for a kiss.

She said “For years I chased so many Mr. Wrongs, when you, Mr. Right were in front of me all along…forgive me, I’m so sorry that I couldn’t see”

By: J.N.R Dutton

My Heart’s Delight

Through blistering Summers or frozen Winter chill, I know you love me now and you always will

You don’t even always need to say it, I can see it in your eyes
When our memories have faded, when more years have flown by, as long as I’m drawing breath, I’ll still be at your side

You, my beloved are my heart’s delight.

By: J.N.R Dutton

(For Courtney, with my loving devotion)

A Smile Through The Tears

Rodney was raised on the highway and in the jam joints

His daddy was a picker in a Southern band

He raised Rodney with a stern but loving hand

Taught him how to play guitar, and other skills that he’d take far and wide

On the day his daddy died, Rodney he let loose and cried, held on to that casket tight for a while

Then whispered as they finally laid it low

“I don’t know how I’ll let him go, daddy thank you for all that I know, and all the Love you gave”

as a smile found it’s way to his face

By: J.N.R Dutton

A Decade Along, Still Going Strong

Ten years married together and they’re still going strong, all the good times are on their minds more than the times that have gone wrong

He still loves to hold her while they relax late each night, to see the smile on her face, and their future’s looking bright

The family they’ve built together, they wouldn’t trade for all the world, it’s worth more than all that glitters, it’s more precious than diamonds or pearls.

By:J.N.R Dutton