He doesn’t miss the whiskey,

he doesn’t miss the wine

he’s been free of it all 28 years,

going on 29.

The day he laid the bottles down

was one of the best days of his life,

Now he helps others who are where he was,

he’s pointing them all toward the light

By: J.N.R Dutton

Rita (Poem)

One time Rita spent an evening in a barroom,

Where bottomless whiskey flowed

then she stumbled so confused & helpless,

out into the bitter snow,

Thankfully the barman found

her husband’s number in her phone,

Because Rita would have frozen to death

trying to find her own way back home,

When she sobered up the next day,

Rita apologized,

she was thankful to be alive

she never touched another drop of whiskey

for the rest of her life

By:J.N.R Dutton

Shaun Charles

Shaun Charles was a trailer park kid

He was nine years old, it was early

when his life hit the skids

Had his first and last taste of gin at the age of ten

His daddy was tempted to whip him black & blue

as soon as he knew, but

Shaun scolded him, said: “Daddy, I just learned it from you”

That broke the old man’s heart in two

He fell down on his knees, his tears they fell like rain

He told Shaun “Just throw it away, I’ll never touch a drop again,

can I get the same promise from you?”

He said “Yes”….and they both kept the promise too

By:J.N.R Dutton


A young man sitting on a sidewalk bench,

talking to an old man who was drinking White Port wine,

The wino’s speech was kind of slurring, and it looked like he’d been crying,

He said:

“I wasn’t always like this, kid,

there were some years I really shined,

I’d give anything, if I could go back in time”

The young man took the bottle from him, took him by the hand

saying: “you can overcome this, you can be free again,

and if you’re willing to help yourself,  I’ll help you any way I can”

By:J.N.R Dutton