Wonderfully Surprised

Even without posting all the time, this blog continues to surprise me (in a wonderful way) with how it’s doing. It’s doing better than I even could have hoped for overall, and I am so thankful for that. To all my readers, I really wish I could reach out to all of you & show my gratitude directly for everything you all have done to support this blog (and sometimes give me personal inspiration & encouragement.)

Love to you all, sincerely,


Exciting Day For This Blog, Thanks To You All.

Had one of the best days on this blog that I’ve had in a while, so that’s exciting for me. Thank you all, I will not be sharing anymore poetry today though, going to recharge & spend some time w/my family. Everyone have a blessed evening/morning depending which side of the planet you’re on.

This blog reached another milestone yesterday, it makes me so thrilled to see. To the readers still hanging here with me, thanks for everything.

The growth I’ve seen has been like a rocket, I know you all may not like EVERYTHING I post, but you know what, that’s okay, I still love you all anyway.

P.S. as a final note, don’t be afraid to comment on my posts.

Anyone Interested In A Poetry Brainstorm?

Hello Dear readers,

I have plenty of poems already in mind but I am currently looking for more inspiration. Anyone interested in brainstorming with me let me know and we can figure out a way to work that. 

I’d greatly appreciate it, and of course give co-writing/collaboration credit.