Name Dropping (Poem)

In “Country” music today There are so many fakes and flakes They’re playing games and getting paid for name dropping They name drop the legends, Like Jennings, Cash and Jones but who they were? They wouldn’t even know They are transparent, Their insincerity shows they show little respect for down home country soul By: J.N.RContinue reading “Name Dropping (Poem)”

Saving Grace

He’s thinking of suicide As the needle hits his vein Sometimes it seems life’s beauty Is outweighed by the pain But then he hears a sweet whisper despite the haze that’s hit his brain The voice says “let me help you, child You’re going to be ok” ©J.N.R Dutton,2019 I wrote this back in MayContinue reading “Saving Grace”

The Merry Go Round

One of my old poems All his so called “jobs” have been for peanuts Nothing quite working out like he planned Now he’s back to the drawing board again He tries to hide his frustration But when everything feels like it’s in vain It really feels like he’s stuck on a merry go round orContinue reading “The Merry Go Round”