Write What You Know

Whether it’s the feeling of teardrops

frozen to your cheeks

or a deep desperate hunger, like you haven’t

eaten in weeks

Write what you know,

or maybe write what you need

Write about what you love

& what makes your heart bleed,

About hope & desperation

or even the fine line between

Genius & insanity

By:J.N.R Dutton

Beautiful Charade

This is the story of a man named Max,

& a woman named Jade

& how everything they had was lost

When a terrible line was crossed one day

Never before in all her life

had Jade ever felt so betrayed

Everyone looking from the outside in

bought into the beautiful charade

Thought “what a wonderful couple,

so in love, they’ve got it made”

but all that’s left is ashes,

where there was once a white hot flame

& thousands of memories of yesterdays remain,

She’s got a pillow full of teardrop stains

cause every night they fall like rain,

Love, yeah, only true Love

Will ever ease her pain

By:J.N.R Dutton

Cancel Cult(ure)

Cancel culture is a tyrant’s dream

It allows anyone to be canceled from society

If they step out of line to any degree

& say anything with which anyone might disagree

You may think for now that it’s a good thing

but what about when the cancel cult comes for you & me?

Don’t let the cancel cult murder the land of the free

By:J.N.R Dutton

Open Note

I am so glad to see this poetry blog still drawing interest. In fact the interest seems to have actually picked up, even though I am STILL not as active here as I planned to be or should.

Anyway, maybe this is just a good month, or maybe it’s the start of an ongoing trend. Either way, I am grateful & thrilled.