Personal Note

A lot is going on in my life & family right now, dealing w/that, so when I write here it will be sporadic for a while at best. Apologies to all, but life happens, you know. I do ask you all to keep my family in your prayers. Much appreciated.

I know it’s early in the day still, so you may think I’d have a few more poems prepared, but I have no more to write of at the moment. I will get back to sharing when I’ve got something worthwhile.

As it is now, my energy is on fumes & I am barely keeping my eyes open. Maybe I would do well to get on a consistent sleep schedule, but lately that hasn’t been occurring. Anyway, I don’t want to turn this into an article or novel length post, so I will end it here.


Calling It A Day

Dear readers, thank you for the continued interest & support, my energy level is greatly diminished today, so I think I will take the rest of the day off even though I haven’t really published much today. Unfortunately I don’t presently have any new pieces ready to even schedule.

If my body allows, I will return full force tomorrow.

Thank you for understanding.