Jo’s been an artist fifteen years

A lot of late nights, hard work,

blood, sweat, paint fumes, & tears

Pouring his heart out onto his canvas,

as much of a challenge as it all is

He says: “I wouldn’t wanna be doing

something different from this,

It’s what I was born to, it is my bliss”

By: J.N.R Dutton

Time After Time

A poet in simple clothes, you could pass him right by

without a second glance, and never think twice

but if he opened his mouth and began reciting rhyme

It’d stop you in your track, time after time

Whether on a street corner, or some place more refined

He’d pour out his soul, line after line

He’d rhyme of sweet Love, and beauty that shines

and so many other things that dance in his mind

By: J.N.R Dutton

One thing I have learned as a blogger, is not all connections who start out w/you will continue with you. Nonetheless, that doesn’t discourage me from blogging, I continue to immensely enjoy blogging, actually. Connections may come & go, but may my creative passion stay fueled forever. I do continue to appreciate the connections who are still w/me after all this time.


Poet dropping rhymes to a page one more time

Spilling out the things on his mind

He wants the writing to keep being a passion not a grind

He’s written forever, or so it seems to him

In the early days his passion was filled to the brim

& overflowing, so many stories & experiences were

driving him onward, but now he’s not sure

How to keep going forward anymore

By:J.N.R Dutton