Footsteps at midnight falling on the stairs, a whisper in the dark so clear A child saying: “Daddy can you come here, I’ve had a nightmare” The daddy says: “baby you’re going to be fine, nothing can hurt you, I’m right here, whatever you feel, whatever you fear Just know I’m not going anywhere“ By:J.N.RContinue reading “Nightmare”

We Can Handle That Too

I remember when my son was born I took a deep breath Wondering how I would manage, I’ve got to confess Some of those early days about scared me to death when everything was so brand new but somehow we made it through We got a long way to go, but you know that’s alrightContinue reading “We Can Handle That Too”

Beautiful & Challenging

My son starts first grade today, and I’m thrilled for that, though it’s still hard to believe how quickly these last six years have passed Even though it’s hard to wrap my mind around watching him grow up has been a sweet privilege so profound I look forward to the future,seeing what it will bring,Continue reading “Beautiful & Challenging”


People are inspired to walk straighter when they’re responsible  for guiding another soul because they don’t want to cause that soul to stumble into a dark hole Parents should always guide children in Love, Discipline & Truth It’s the best thing to do, guaranteed, absolute That’s the wisdom I’ve learned, and I share it with you By:J.N.RContinue reading “Lessons”

Fathers Matter

Some people act like fathers are obsolete, Irrelevant to making a family and home complete, Frankly, it absolutely sickens me I can’t imagine what I’d have turned out to be If I didn’t have daddy to set an example for me There is no nobility in people who want to deprive children from having fathersContinue reading “Fathers Matter”

Mother’s Instinct

What she protected fiercely wasn’t silver or gold But something more precious, her children Though she knew the world can be cold She had the heart of a dragon, a warrior’s soul She fought with a passion that was fiery & bold Evil trembled in fear when her mother’s instinct took hold By: J.N.R DuttonContinue reading “Mother’s Instinct”