New Poem

When he plays the blues

On the hardest side of town

Where it would seem there’d

Hardly be hope or joy to be found

His dobro makes a lonesome sound

People come to listen from miles around

His music is deep, passionate, strong & loud

There’s not a dry eye in the crowd

By: J.N.R Dutton




True Blues

He loves to play his harmonica

Loves to play the blues

To him, there’s nothing better

Than a simple soulful tune

He’s played it for years

and he’s almost ninety-two

If you ever met him, 

you can be sure

He’d be thrilled to play for you

& he prefers overalls and slippers

over some fancy suit and blue suede shoes

By: J.N.R Dutton






New Poem

I remember growing up listening to

“Jack & Diane”, “Rain On The Scarecrow”,

“Desperado” and “Simple Man”

There are so many other songs

in the soundtrack of my life

They’ll stick with me, surely,

Until the day I die

& when my time is over

& I’ve got no more seasons in the sun

I’ll leave a mutual love of music etched

In the heart of my son

J.N.R Dutton




A Tribute To SRV

Stevie Ray was a guitar player

He played wild raw Texas blues

He poured his heart & soul into it

Spent years paying his dues

They say he played like a man on fire

& if you saw him, you know it’s true

His music seemed to flow so naturally

He played in ways no one else could do

Just when his star shined the brightest though

He was gone way too soon

By:J.N.R Dutton

Living The Dream-New Poem

She spent her whole life

chasing down dreams

Experienced a lot of broken hearts

& guitar strings

but she found her victory

Thriving on lyrics

and sweet melodies 

Letting her heart soar

Letting her voice ring

All the naysayers

That tried to shut her down

Are all in awe, saying “look at her now”

By: J.N.R Dutton



Music Therapy (Poetry)

I’ll tell you something that really helps me

Music as therapy,

I love how music can soothe the soul

When you’re feeling down & empty

It can really fill the hole

Whatever you’re dealing with,

just take your music off the shelf

It can say things for you

when you can’t express them yourself

By:J.N.R Dutton








Gypsy (The Music Man)

Seems like he’s spent

most of his life on the highway

He’s part poet, part modern day gypsy

He was born to roam

he couldn’t even tell you

the last time he was home

He’s got people that love him,

people that miss him

It’s not always easy,

sometimes it’s straight up lonely

but every night he hits the stage

playing his songs

it sends a thrill through him

when he hears people sing along

In his life he’s traveled thousands of miles

If his music really touches a soul once in a while

that to him is what makes it all worthwhile

By: J.N.R Dutton