Concerned For Your Mental State (Poem For A Friend)

There’s madness in your “poetry”

I searched for a trace of sanity

but there was none there to be found

you ramble on, endlessly babbling

You fill your blog pages with things

that have me truly wondering

What knocked you off the

rails again,

I’d reach out to help you

if I had a clue where to even begin

By: J.N.R Dutton


Gender is defined by biology

it’s an immutable objective reality

Even if some these days may fervently disagree,

and even if they engage in genital mutilation

& call it surgery

I refuse to engage in pandering

to tragically misguided thinking

Instead, I hope they get the mental

health help they need,

to find peace in their bodies

After reading this, you may not like me

but I make no apologies

because simply telling truth isn’t bigotry

By: J.N.R Dutton

I was inspired to write this primarily because of my Godfather Wayne, who has gender dysphoria issues. I bear no hatred @ all toward him, quite the contrary, I care about him deeply, though his confusion grieves me.