Summer Memories

I often think back on hot Texas Summers of my youth, Though as time passes, some things people lose sometimes, I remember bike rides, & barbecues, & swimming in my friend’s family pool to keep cool Us kids getting in all the fun we could before we had to get back to school By: J.N.RContinue reading “Summer Memories”

The A.M. Radio

I remember an a.m. radio, I got it when I was pretty small Who gave it to me,I can’t quite recall anymore since it was too long ago I do remember some nights though, staying awake after lights out, at my daddy’s house, with it on low Secretly listening to country shows Looking back, some ofContinue reading “The A.M. Radio”

Corpus Christi Summers

He used to spend long Summers Down on Corpus Christi Bay Years have passed since he was there last but he still thinks of those care free days Over time some of the finer detail has begun to fade but he remembers thinking “This is the life, I’ve really got it made” By: J.N.R DuttonContinue reading “Corpus Christi Summers”