Masculine Tears

Many men were raised up in a time

Where a man ever crying was largely seen

in a sense as a crime that undermined

their masculinity

They were called a sissy or a pantywaist

Humiliated and disgraced

Now, petty whining, I don’t advocate

but sometimes a man crying DOES have it’s place

like if he’s dealing w/a broken heart

if his home & family are falling apart

There’s no shame in expressing grief and pain

it doesn’t make him weak or lame

By: J.N.R Dutton

“Toxic Masculinity” (Is Nonsense To Me)

I hear people these days

railing about alleged “toxic masculinity”

and frankly, it’s nonsense to me

just more crap from a section of society

trashing & whining about everything

As a man, I’m not ashamed to be,

If you want to demonize men,

keep your insanity away from me

Thank you kindly 

By: J.N.R Dutton