Irish Wedding Tale

Caitlín and Conner, this is their tale from the verdant Emerald Isle they hailed She was a seamstress, he was a sailor & one day his ship set sail He told her: “My dear, wait for me here, I’ll make haste, I will not fail I’ll make this trip & make it back In timeContinue reading “Irish Wedding Tale”

Since The Prime of Their Youth

They’re sitting in a restaurant, in a quiet corner booth People are all staring wondering what they’re up to They’re all whispering “Is it a secret rendezvous” Both got rings on their fingers, admit it, you’d probably wonder too but then everybody learned the truth, the two of them are married faithfully to one anotherContinue reading “Since The Prime of Their Youth”

I Don’t Need Much (Alt: That’s Enough)

She was married in a small town, all her friends around, at the reception she was laughing, dancing til they shut it down Her wedding was beautiful, even though, it was nothing fancy She told her husband: “Oh I don’t need much as long as we have faith & I’ve got your love, that’s enough”Continue reading “I Don’t Need Much (Alt: That’s Enough)”