Infinite Complexity

One thing I know, one thing I see Is people have infinite complexity We’re not all one thing, or all another but a mixture A mixture of our Love, and hope Our joy & sorrow, we’re shaped by our yesterdays & tomorrows A mixture of pleasure & pain, a mixture of caution & wanting toContinue reading “Infinite Complexity”

Irish Wedding Tale

Caitlín and Conner, this is their tale from the verdant Emerald Isle they hailed She was a seamstress, he was a sailor & one day his ship set sail He told her: “My dear, wait for me here, I’ll make haste, I will not fail I’ll make this trip & make it back In timeContinue reading “Irish Wedding Tale”

Lasting & True

Be careful & prayerful about who you pursue Everyone deserves Love that’s lasting, faithful,honest, and true Someone fully committed to you If someone is only half heartedly invested They’re not the best that you can do By:J.N.R Dutton I am happily married to the most wonderful woman, this poem is written for those who areContinue reading “Lasting & True”