Keith & Lorrie (1989)

Keith and Lorrie’s Love story

I’ve heard it many times

It came flooding back

fresh to my mind tonight

As I heard Lorrie singing in his memory,

& of what seeing him again might

be like, what I saw when I looked

into her eyes is the pain of his loss is

still fresh to her as if it were still 1989

The year Keith left this world behind

By: J.N.R Dutton

Sweet Ruby

They laid his sweet Ruby under a live oak,

buried in her favorite red dress & cloak

The day they laid her down to rest, He did his best,

to hold on to the last words that she spoke,

She’d said to him as she’d given him one last kiss:

“I love you now & I always will, I know this loss is a bitter pill,

but rest assured I’ll see you again, & always remember this,

that for forty three years,through ice & fire & raging winds,

you were the man I love & my best friend”

By:J.N.R Dutton

Hellfire and Rain

They lost a child, in 1993, it shattered the family

You know they tried to ease their pain

but nothing was ever quite the same

When they laid him in the grave

they hadn’t even picked his name

Feels like they’ve been through hellfire and rain

Everything that could go wrong,

seems like it’s come their way

Yet somewhere, they find the strength

to carry on just one more day

By:J.N.R Dutton



Little brother, it’s been a few years now

since you passed away, 

and honestly, I thought I was doing okay

I found out I was wrong, in the weirdest way,

when I was out w/the family the other day

There was live music at the place

& completely randomly,

They chose your funeral song to play,

I’m sure if you could, you’d say,

“They couldn’t know”

and of course not, how could they?

It hit me so hard I couldn’t stay

I miss you still, & will every day

By: J.N.R Dutton



For Katie

In Memory 

On the last night of December, 1999, I lost a friend of mine

To a knife wielding monster with murder on his mind

He’s been put down, and it was a long time


One day maybe, I’ll find a way to heal,

Honestly though I can never forget

what he did, never “let it go”

It scarred me to my very soul

By: J.N.R Dutton





What Do You Do, When Your Heroes Die?

New lyrics/poetry

What do you do, when your heroes die?

When it tears up your heart,

and leaves your soul to cry?

You may wish you were the tin man

When you feel tears sting your eyes

We all know, grief is the hardest part of life

So once again, what do you do, when your heroes die?

You could sing them a hymn, as their final lullaby

on this earth, pray you’ll see them again

In the sweet by & by

By: J.N.R Dutton