He’s been slaving all week, had a boss on his back,

barking orders like crazy til he thought he might crack

The pressure was serious as a heart attack

Somehow, though, he made it through all that

He needs a reprieve after a work week

that’s been far too long

The love of his life gently says

“why don’t you relax”

and then they kick back 

to watch a film marathon,

but they drift off to dream

together with the TV on

By: J.N.R Dutton







Challenges Are Good For You

There are concepts these days in common use, 

that I find utterly absurd,

or “for the birds” as I’ve often heard…

Things like “trigger warnings”

& “safe spaces”, these are just two

I know what they are SUPPOSED to do,

some people claim they help, but let me drop some truth

Difficult things are just part of life,none of us is immune

So instead of avoiding and hiding from such things,

let facing them strengthen you

By: J.N.R Dutton










Advice To Succeed/Work,Sweat, and Bleed

If someone is going to succeed, they need to be willing,

to work, sweat, & bleed in order to give their dreams wings

to take flight on…

They shouldn’t do things just to cash in

or because they’re in fashion,

instead, they should find

their calling, their passion

By: J.N.R Dutton