Borrowed Time

If there’s one thing I know,

It’s that worlds & fortunes

really can and do change on a dime


So I’m treasuring each moment,

cause you know, the truth is that

We’re all on borrowed time

I’m taking it all in, soaking it up

While working on the next rhyme

By:J.N.R Dutton

Walk In The Light

Some people may think Jay’s not a believer,

but some of his lyrics I’ve heard lately

tell me differently….

Now admittedly,

Just like everybody,

He’s had his share of failures

Times when he didn’t live quite right

but I believe that as long as people

still have a conscience & pulse

There is time for them to walk in the light

I have faith that

God can open anyone’s heart & eyes

I believe that when we get to heaven

Who all we see there may take us by surprise

By:J.N.R Dutton

This is written for one of my favorite lyricists, who has known darkness before, and who now seems to finally see the light.

Cheers Jason, & much Love brother.


Jan worked nights at a general store

Worked to closing and she’d lock the doors

She was restless,

thought “there’s got to be more

to life than this”

Every day it was the same routine

She was convinced the grass would be

A little more green

elsewhere, anywhere far from there

So one night she packed her bags

Jammed her foot down on the gas

Left that town lightning fast,

with her car radio up full blast

with no intention of ever going back

Her headlights cutting through the night’s pitch black

By:J.N.R Dutton


Delia was a young girl, born in a city near the Rio Grande

Her Daddy was an agricultural man, Always just doing the best he can

By the time Delia was eight years old, She joined him working her time away

Hardly had the chance to go to school, barely rested or even played

She worked hard, sweating in the heat

but oh, she never complained,

She had callouses on her hands, blisters on her feet

She would do anything she could

To help her family make ends meet

By:J.N.R Dutton