Stand the Test of Time

A carpenter who’s been driving nails all day, tells his son all about the things he makes, despite his exhaustion he keeps a smile on his face as his son sits on his knee, learning with such pure curiosity

The time he knows is precious he wants to impart everything he can, before his hour glass runs out of sand

His son looks at the callouses on his hands, he’s learning more than a trade, like how to be a man, and provide for a family the best he can, those are lessons that will stand the test of time

By: J.N.R Dutton

Hold On

For many, these are desperate days, they struggle to feed their families and have so many bills to pay, but I’ve got to say, simply

Hold on.

Hold on and you’ll see, that though some seasons aren’t the best, and though it seems this world’s a mess, there is hope

Hold on firmly and don’t give up, help each other in kindness and Love

I don’t feel I can ever say that enough

By: J.N.R Dutton

Warmth (of Human Kindness)

One brutally cold evening, a man sought shelter from a storm, he stumbled to a cabin with a fire raging safe and warm

The owner was there to greet him, said “Son come on in, what were you doing out there in that bitter Winter wind?”

He said “I was out running errands and somehow I lost my way, thank you for letting me stay here, I think I’ll be okay”

The cabin owner smiled, said “it’s been a while anyway, since I’ve had visitors, so I’m glad for the company ” as he cooked a burger for the man, and they sat down to feast.

By: J.N.R Dutton

A Poet’s Story

My heart broke as I listened to Chuck’s story

His childhood with his father was the stuff of tragedies

He recounted being beaten frequently, often over the smallest of things

It made him a hard man he admitted honestly, but later in life he’d bleed all that residual pain into poetry

Seems that was the best way he knew to set it free

By: J.N.R Dutton

Inspired by a fellow poet’s biography


Couple still dances together like they did the night that they were wed, they are so connected, in each other’s heart and head

They took their vows seriously as well they should, and the life and Love they have together, oh it’s been more than good

With every heartbeat, every breath they take, they live each day to the fullest,

They don’t hold back or hesitate, they don’t let anything go to waste together

they love to celebrate

By: J.N.R Dutton


Slaid has got a million cowboy stories he could tell, he was once a wild rodeo man, had a reputation (sometimes) for doing it well

He made several friends on the circuit through the years, he’s broken several bones, his heart, and shed a lot of tears

He’s seen several of his buddies as they were carried away after a bad ride, as they gather these days to reunite they say “it’s a wonder we’re alive”

By: J.N.R Dutton

Wonderful Things

Heard a man named Jimmie singing about down home, I can’t explain adequately what it did to me,

but I’ll do my best, yeah I’ll sure try at least….

It touched my heart, pulled at those strings and brought back a thousand beautiful memories of the Love nurtured in that place and it brought a sun-glow smile to my face, that’s just a few of the wonderful things

By: J.N.R Dutton

Let The Right One In

She said “My sweetest friend, hold me close while my heart is on the mend” He just smiled, and said “I will, you can count on me to the end”

That’s when she finally saw him, for who he really is, much more than a friend, and she leaned in for a kiss.

She said “For years I chased so many Mr. Wrongs, when you, Mr. Right were in front of me all along…forgive me, I’m so sorry that I couldn’t see”

By: J.N.R Dutton