Exciting Day For This Blog, Thanks To You All.

Had one of the best days on this blog that I’ve had in a while, so that’s exciting for me. Thank you all, I will not be sharing anymore poetry today though, going to recharge & spend some time w/my family. Everyone have a blessed evening/morning depending which side of the planet you’re on.

Dear all

Since I have had a very productive writing day, I will be taking another short break. To those brand new to following/reading this blog, welcome. To those who have been with me a little while here,grazie (thanks) again, truly. 

I will return after I’ve recharged a bit. In the meantime, if you’ve missed anything, feel free to catch up, and enjoy! 


Taking A Short Break

I have been sharing here pretty regularly lately, so I’ve decided to take a couple days off just to avoid burn out. I will be keeping a notebook for fresh material as it comes to mind, and will post it here when I return.

Thanks again to all those who continue coming to and supporting this blog.  I’m taking the short break as much for you all as for me, in the sense that if I’m burned out I can’t bring you all my best. 

An Open Letter

The amount of continued interest in this blog has genuinely surprised me, and every day I continue to be so extremely thankful for it all.

If I could meet each and every one of the people who have supported this blog, I’d Love that. However, seeing as my readers are from all over, I know that isn’t possible. Nonetheless, know that it means so very much more than I can even express.