Stand the Test of Time

A carpenter who’s been driving nails all day, tells his son all about the things he makes, despite his exhaustion he keeps a smile on his face as his son sits on his knee, learning with such pure curiosity

The time he knows is precious he wants to impart everything he can, before his hour glass runs out of sand

His son looks at the callouses on his hands, he’s learning more than a trade, like how to be a man, and provide for a family the best he can, those are lessons that will stand the test of time

By: J.N.R Dutton

Straighten Up & Fly Right

“What’d you do this time?”

Joey’s wife asked as she cried

When she found he was doing time in jail one night

He says:

“Baby, I can’t lie, but I’d rather not specify,

I’ve put you through enough already,

and it’s eating at my heart & mind”

He further says,

“Baby, please don’t cry, I did the crime, I’ll do my time,

but I’ve learned my lesson, once I’m out again,

you’ll see a brand new man

you can count on this promise

I give you my word tonight,

I will straighten up and fly right

By: J.N.R Dutton

Untitled New Poem

A young man sitting quietly,

sorting through his memories

Everything, from the straight forward,

to the fragmented & the strange

Some are very old,

some still fresh as a new spring

He doesn’t dwell long, on the things

that he can’t change,

just takes what he can from them,

the lessons that they bring

uses them as he starts a new day,

with fresh opportunity

By:J.N.R Dutton


People are inspired to walk straighter when they’re responsible 

for guiding another soul because they don’t want to cause that soul

to stumble into a dark hole

Parents should always guide children in Love, Discipline & Truth

It’s the best thing to do, guaranteed, absolute

That’s the wisdom I’ve learned, and I share it with you

By:J.N.R Dutton









Willie & The “Hobo”

His old coat was worn & ragged, and so were the shoes on his feet

He lived in a box on a sidewalk, it was his only shelter from the streets

He never had two nickels to rub together, never knew the next time he would eat

Most people who saw him, they just passed him by

Guess they couldn’t stand such a pitiful sight

but a young man named Willie thought to himself

“I can’t ignore this poor man’s plight

If it were me, & I were in need

I’d want someone to do me right”

By: J.N.R Dutton