Infinite Complexity

One thing I know, one thing I see Is people have infinite complexity We’re not all one thing, or all another but a mixture A mixture of our Love, and hope Our joy & sorrow, we’re shaped by our yesterdays & tomorrows A mixture of pleasure & pain, a mixture of caution & wanting toContinue reading “Infinite Complexity”

Musical Hero (Literally)

His hair has turned pure silver now but I still recall when it was a deep dark blackish-brown It’s hard for me to see him growing so old but I’m just glad he’s still around His music more than once rescued me, seriously by helping me out in times of misery bringing sweet hope &Continue reading “Musical Hero (Literally)”

Love Oasis

To me this is one of the best descriptions ever of what love is like: Like there’s a thirsty man in a desert thinking he may die but then out of nowhere, what does he find? An oasis running through a forgotten paradise & that sweet oasis truly saves his life By:J.N.R Dutton    Continue reading “Love Oasis”