Indelible Impressions

1977, a plane was going down,  Headed like a wrecking ball for the Mississippi ground Several musicians in their prime  Doing everything they could to get out of it alive I wasn’t even born yet, but I’ve heard about it enough times Things like that tend to haunt the mind, I found it absolutely terrifyingContinue reading “Indelible Impressions”

Grave Mistake

People tearing down historical monuments Think they’re doing a good thing, but in actuality, purging reminders of history (even history you hate) is a grave mistake One I hate to see anybody make People who don’t learn from history Are doomed to repeat it I’m just giving that reminder, I hope people heed it By:Continue reading “Grave Mistake”


Threadgill’s in Austin, Texas was a legendary venue in the town, as well known itself, as the iconic Texas music sound… Just this year the news came round that after decades, it was shutting down That was really hard to hear, It had launched many careers It shot some of music’s greatest stars into theContinue reading “Threadgill’s”