“The right things to do are the hardest choices”

I heard a man say that today

The only advice I’d give him, 

if I could

would be to pray, 

and ask the Lord 

to guide his way

By: J.N.R Dutton

Whatever You Need, Brother

Tony’s sitting at the laundromat alone,

waiting on his last load of clothes

When another man comes in out of the rain

w/just what’s on his back

shaking off the wet & cold

Tony looks at him, smiles & says:

“Man, how about I help you right now? I’ve got some dry jeans and t-shirts here,

feel free to check them out, take whatever you need, brother

…I’ve got plenty anyhow”

The other man looks at Tony w/thanks, and says:

“you give me hope I’ve got to say,

I thought compassionate people like you

were on the fade these days”

By: J.N.R Dutton


A young man sitting on a sidewalk bench,

talking to an old man who was drinking White Port wine,

The wino’s speech was kind of slurring, and it looked like he’d been crying,

He said:

“I wasn’t always like this, kid,

there were some years I really shined,

I’d give anything, if I could go back in time”

The young man took the bottle from him, took him by the hand

saying: “you can overcome this, you can be free again,

and if you’re willing to help yourself,  I’ll help you any way I can”

By:J.N.R Dutton