Joe thought things were going fine

Til he came across messages one night

That cut into his soul just like a knife

They were between another man

& Joe’s wife

The things she said, he couldn’t believe,

Like that she hated him & she wanted to leave

Joe felt like his heart was in shards,

in agony & left to bleed

He wondered how

he’d been too blind to see

What was then so glaring

His wife said when caught,

that she was just lonely & angry

That the words didn’t mean a thing

despite what he’d clearly seen

Joe felt like he’d been stabbed in the back,

Wondered how they could ever come back from that

By:J.N.R Dutton

Cut So Deep

He broke her heart, you see,

and accepting his apology, well it don’t come easy

She says:

“there are some things that cut so deep

That the words “I’m sorry” just seem so cheap,

I wish you could truly see, everything that you did to me”

By:J.N.R Dutton

New poetry/lyrics, possibly a work in progress, though I may leave it as is.

Haven’t really decided yet.

Riverside, California

Bobby moved out to California,

the city of Riverside,

for a green eyed girl with raven hair,

he thought he’d make her his bride,

it didn’t quite work out like he planned,

turned out she had another man

all the time, she had lied

and Bobby was just the “side”

He said, “you played the Jezebel,

don’t expect me to wish you well”

By: J.N.R Dutton






Sins Laid Bare

In the stillness of the night

Something just didn’t feel quite right

She was out on the town again

Claiming she was out with friends

From late evening til two a.m.

When she finally came waltzing in

He asked point blank, “where you been, and don’t spin me a lie again”

Then she looked at him with tear filled eyes, she knew it was confession time

She said “I’ve been seeing another man, it’s been going on a while, and honestly the worst part is, he’s the father of “our” child”

He broke down and cried, when he heard her sins laid bare

He said “our boy is still mine, even if he came from your affair, because all this time, I’m the father who’s been there”

By:J.N.R Dutton


There’s a drought in her heart

Oh, the passion is dying

She’s tired of the many times

He has left her crying

He asks her:

babe, what can I do to make you stay,

He feels his heart breaking

as she’s walking away

She said:

what you’re asking

is too little, too late

I’ve given you several chances

long before today

& you couldn’t be bothered,

I’ve had enough of the pain

I hate that it has to end this way

By: J.N.R Dutton