Marshall grew up hard and he grew up quick

his mind and tongue were sharp

and his skin was thick

he poured all his hardships into rhyme

working hard for a better life all the time

By: J.N.R Dutton

His Own Mess

A man with his face sunken in,

looks like he could die any minute

he’s had a rough go of life

He’s got to admit

but somehow he’s still kicking

There’s things he’s done in his past

that he regrets but can’t take back,

We’ve all been through that,

all he can do is seek out forgiveness

for taking so much for granted

& take responsibility for his own mess

& live w/the consequence

By:J.N.R Dutton

Charlie’s Blues

Charlie played a blues harp

In a dimly lit back alley

Where he slept on a rag blanket

With his guard dog Sally

He played for pennies

Played for dimes

Played for meals

and he’d rattle off

His rhymes

Telling stories

and hoping for better times

By:J.N.R Dutton

I know I said in an earlier post that I was taking a short break, but my mind wouldn’t let me, so I came back early.

It seems to be on overdrive lately.  

The Merry Go Round

One of my old poems

All his so called “jobs” have been for peanuts
Nothing quite working out like he planned
Now he’s back to the drawing board again
He tries to hide his frustration
But when everything feels like it’s in vain
It really feels like he’s stuck on a merry go round
or worse, the crazy train

©J.N.R Dutton,2019