Unexpected Success Story

Mark never graduated High School, not even a GED He wasn’t on the path to success as far as anyone could see but all that changed, in the Summer of 1983 He built a business from scratch quietly w/scraped together money & some creativity Despite how lazy some thought him to be He was aContinue reading “Unexpected Success Story”

Gives His All

He isn’t rolling in cash, just busting his back, picking up trash, barely earning enough to be called middle class, but it’s honest work, so he’s grateful for that even if he’ll never afford a “rich” man’s Cadillac He works hard, just like his daddy did To put food in the mouths of his wifeContinue reading “Gives His All”

Fruit of His Labors

After years & years of struggling, the fruit of his labors are rolling in Everybody he knows, is cheering him, saying, “man, you finally made it big” He says “yeah that’s true” with a huge Texas grin Sometimes, people ask him: “what’s it like being an overnight sensation” and he breaks into a laughing fit everyContinue reading “Fruit of His Labors”