Marshall grew up hard and he grew up quick

his mind and tongue were sharp

and his skin was thick

he poured all his hardships into rhyme

working hard for a better life all the time

By: J.N.R Dutton

Stubborn Streak

John he was a dreamer, from an early age

had grit, and a stubborn streak five miles long

anyone would say,

Bound & determined,

worked his fingers til they bled

got barely a few hours of sleep each night

Said: “I’ll sleep more when I’m dead”

He plowed on full steam ahead

rarely looking back

When his dreams came to fruition,

and anybody asked,

if it was worth the sacrifices along the way

He’d just grin, and say “Oh, yeah”

By: J.N.R Dutton


Delia was a young girl, born in a city near the Rio Grande

Her Daddy was an agricultural man, Always just doing the best he can

By the time Delia was eight years old, She joined him working her time away

Hardly had the chance to go to school, barely rested or even played

She worked hard, sweating in the heat

but oh, she never complained,

She had callouses on her hands, blisters on her feet

She would do anything she could

To help her family make ends meet

By:J.N.R Dutton

Unexpected Success Story

Mark never graduated High School, not even a GED

He wasn’t on the path to success as far as anyone could see

but all that changed, in the Summer of 1983

He built a business from scratch quietly

w/scraped together money & some creativity

Despite how lazy some thought him to be

He was a hard worker, surprisingly

He just wanted to earn his way non-traditionally

By:J.N.R Dutton

Gives His All

He isn’t rolling in cash, just busting his back,

picking up trash, barely earning enough to be called

middle class, but it’s honest work, so he’s grateful for that

even if he’ll never afford a “rich” man’s Cadillac

He works hard, just like his daddy did

To put food in the mouths of his

wife & kids

No matter what, they come first to him

He’ll make any sacrifice he needs to for them

He’ll never give it a second thought

He gives his all for everything they’ve got

By:J.N.R Dutton




Fruit of His Labors

After years & years of struggling,

the fruit of his labors are rolling in

Everybody he knows, is cheering him,

saying, “man, you finally made it big”

He says “yeah that’s true” with a huge Texas grin

Sometimes, people ask him:

“what’s it like being

an overnight sensation”

and he breaks into a laughing fit

every time he hears it,

He says:

“this was a marathon, not a sprint

& you don’t know the time, the blood,

or the tears I spent, man, I’ll tell you this,

calling me an overnight sensation 

really cheapens it”

By: J.N.R Dutton