I got a notice that traffic was up on this blog. I’m thrilled with that, and anyone or anything that’s responsible for the boost, I’m very thankful for.

Whatever You Need, Brother

Tony’s sitting at the laundromat alone,

waiting on his last load of clothes

When another man comes in out of the rain

w/just what’s on his back

shaking off the wet & cold

Tony looks at him, smiles & says:

“Man, how about I help you right now? I’ve got some dry jeans and t-shirts here,

feel free to check them out, take whatever you need, brother

…I’ve got plenty anyhow”

The other man looks at Tony w/thanks, and says:

“you give me hope I’ve got to say,

I thought compassionate people like you

were on the fade these days”

By: J.N.R Dutton

Wonderfully Surprised

Even without posting all the time, this blog continues to surprise me (in a wonderful way) with how it’s doing. It’s doing better than I even could have hoped for overall, and I am so thankful for that. To all my readers, I really wish I could reach out to all of you & show my gratitude directly for everything you all have done to support this blog (and sometimes give me personal inspiration & encouragement.)

Love to you all, sincerely,



A traveler wandering wearily,

seeking a place to rest his head

Stopping @ a roadside inn,

the innkeeper said:

“Sorry my friend,

The inn hasn’t got a spare bed,

but if you’re willing to wait a minute

I’ll fix up my personal couch instead,

I don’t want you out in the cold tonight,

you could easily end up dead”

As the innkeeper

was about to depart

The traveler thanked him,

from the bottom of his heart

By:J.N.R Dutton


I learned that this blog had it’s best day ever yesterday, and to those who made it happen, thank you from the depths of my soul. This blog has been so many things at so many times since it’s inception. Everything from an outlet for pain, a place to express my faith, to a place to just be creative, and beyond and I am grateful for it all.