A young boy turned into an old man fast

Seems the years went by in no time flat

Ain’t holding on to things of his broken past

He’s got better things to do these days than that

Like holding on to his grandkids tight

Reading them stories

& tucking those babies in at night

Making sure to raise them right

Fighting the imaginary monsters beneath their beds

Even when lesser men would rather be asleep instead,

He does it to give them peace of mind

& sweet, sweet rest

They say “Grandpa you are the best”

He loves them more than can be expressed

By:J.N.R Dutton

Grandpa Don

Some people hate the smell of diesel

but I’ll tell you that for me,

it brings back some

of my sweetest memories

My grandpa Donald was a trucker

as far back as my mind’s eye can see

Anyone will tell you

That he was the greatest to me

The lessons & the Love he gave

Are a precious legacy

Though he is passed away

They will live on in me

By: J.N.R Dutton