Fried Bologna Sandwich

Fried bologna sandwich, it’s a poor man’s food they say, I remember many times it fed me through my childhood days

Threw it on a skillet, with mayonnaise, mustard or plain, kept me from starving some days so I can’t complain

By: J.N.R Dutton

Flamingo’s 50’s

Back where I was raised originally

There was a restaurant called “Flamingo’s 50’s”

It was a beautiful place, their food was some of the best

I’ve ever had the pleasure to eat, I especially liked their icees

to beat the Texas Summer heat

In case you didn’t guess, they had a 1950’s theme

I really miss that place, but occasionally

I still have flashes of it, in my dreams

& memory

By:J.N.R Dutton

Burnt Lemon Grill

A family’s passing through Idaho,

they’ve got a few hours to kill,

so they head over to Burnt Lemon Grill,

A friend of theirs who ought to know

told them BLG was the place to go,

The staff is friendly, the food is great,

and you get a basket, not a plate

There’s a lot less stress

when there’s no huge mess

to throw away

By: J.N.R Dutton



Jimmy & Johnny

The leaves on the trees are already showing

the Autumn hues

The air’s getting cooler but Jimmy &

Johnny are still running around without any shoes

They’re a rambunctious pair, it’s fair to say

Wild & crazy they love to play, like children do

Jimmy & Johnny stay outside until dark,

until they see street lights,

playing like they do really works up

a monstrous appetite

By then, John’s mama is yelling:

“it’s dinnertime, come in & get washed up”

they both rush home to scarf it down,

like they just can’t get enough

By:J.N.R Dutton