Indelible Impressions

1977, a plane was going down, 

Headed like a wrecking ball

for the Mississippi ground

Several musicians in their prime 

Doing everything they could to get out of it alive

I wasn’t even born yet,

but I’ve heard about it enough times

Things like that tend to haunt the mind,

I found it absolutely terrifying

It is one of the prime reasons for my own fear of flying

By:J.N.R Dutton









Make It Out Alive

Each time he stepped out

on the battle field

He couldn’t catch his breath,

Normally things didn’t rattle him

but those days he was scared to death,

He was prepared for any sacrifice

but he kept asking himself,

“Will my new bride be a widow tonight,

or will I make it out alive”?

He knew he wasn’t the only one

with such thoughts weighing on his mind,

Soldiers thinking about families

that they left behind

By: J.N.R Dutton




When we describe courage, we use phrases like “having a spine”

One way we define it, is as having strength to confront what frightens us

If we could do it all the time, then it wouldn’t be extraordinary

We’ve all got things that are scary, like for me there’s heights, flights, fire,

and snakebites, just to name a few…

What haunts your mind, what are your issues?

Tell the truth & finally, tell me of a time

Your capacity for courage surprised you

By: J.N.R Dutton