Campfire Feast

Danny sits by a campfire

grilling venison in bacon grease

When he’s done he covers it w/cheese

To be served w/onion rings

He’s made the feast for a whole slew of

friends & family, to all of them it’s heavenly

Food & life, the way that it should be

By:J.N.R Dutton


Delia was a young girl, born in a city near the Rio Grande

Her Daddy was an agricultural man, Always just doing the best he can

By the time Delia was eight years old, She joined him working her time away

Hardly had the chance to go to school, barely rested or even played

She worked hard, sweating in the heat

but oh, she never complained,

She had callouses on her hands, blisters on her feet

She would do anything she could

To help her family make ends meet

By:J.N.R Dutton

Shaun Charles

Shaun Charles was a trailer park kid

He was nine years old, it was early

when his life hit the skids

Had his first and last taste of gin at the age of ten

His daddy was tempted to whip him black & blue

as soon as he knew, but

Shaun scolded him, said: “Daddy, I just learned it from you”

That broke the old man’s heart in two

He fell down on his knees, his tears they fell like rain

He told Shaun “Just throw it away, I’ll never touch a drop again,

can I get the same promise from you?”

He said “Yes”….and they both kept the promise too

By:J.N.R Dutton

Man of Steel

Billy thought his Uncle Jack was Superman

& he wanted to be just like him

Jack, well he was tough as nails

Never backed down from anything,

never seemed to fail

Then came one battle that Jack couldn’t win

It took his life when Billy was ten

It was then Billy learned how real grief feels

but to him, Jack would always be the Man of Steel

By:J.N.R Dutton

Gives His All

He isn’t rolling in cash, just busting his back,

picking up trash, barely earning enough to be called

middle class, but it’s honest work, so he’s grateful for that

even if he’ll never afford a “rich” man’s Cadillac

He works hard, just like his daddy did

To put food in the mouths of his

wife & kids

No matter what, they come first to him

He’ll make any sacrifice he needs to for them

He’ll never give it a second thought

He gives his all for everything they’ve got

By:J.N.R Dutton