What Do You Do, When Your Heroes Die?

New lyrics/poetry

What do you do, when your heroes die?

When it tears up your heart,

and leaves your soul to cry?

You may wish you were the tin man

When you feel tears sting your eyes

We all know, grief is the hardest part of life

So once again, what do you do, when your heroes die?

You could sing them a hymn, as their final lullaby

on this earth, pray you’ll see them again

In the sweet by & by

By: J.N.R Dutton

Are You Ready?

I’ve heard what the Bible says about the need to be born again

I’ve heard hellfire & brimstone preachers warning of the wages of sin

Jesus came to save the lost, paid the highest cost

There is no gift greater than that & I wholeheartedly believe

That one day He’s coming back and when He does,

the question is, where will your heart be at?

By: J.N.R Dutton



New Poem

Sometimes I just don’t know

what to do or what to say

I still have my faith,

but it’s sometimes hard

For me to face some days

There’s an old song that talks about

Not knowing which way to pray,

Oh, I’ve been there, 

but I’ve got to believe

That God knows my heart

and knows my prayers,

even the things

I can’t quite articulate

By: J.N.R Dutton