Victories (A Great Reminder)

Sometimes the greatest victories

are won through courage,

sacrifice, pain & sorrow,

Don’t give up hope in the

midst of your storm

Be thankful for your yesterdays,

todays & tomorrows

By: J.N.R Dutton

Ultimately, decided to take the advice I was given regarding this blog, and not retire it (as you can see) I did have a pretty sweet break & am actually very refreshed.

I’ll just write when I have the most time, highest energy & best inspiration.

Calling It A Day

Dear readers, thank you for the continued interest & support, my energy level is greatly diminished today, so I think I will take the rest of the day off even though I haven’t really published much today. Unfortunately I don’t presently have any new pieces ready to even schedule.

If my body allows, I will return full force tomorrow.

Thank you for understanding.