Creative Rains

Every poet has their times when they doubt Their talents, even when others may shout and hail them as “marvelous” or “brilliant” We also all go through creative droughts,  Where we may feel our reserves are out, spent, I say this to you as a friend, If you’re going through one now don’t beat yourselfContinue reading “Creative Rains”

“I Want To Be A Poet”

So one day, you sit & you say: “I want to be a poet” It’s a beautiful goal to set, but it takes dedicated practice to be any good at it and you’ve got to be sure the fire of passion in your heart is fully lit Would you still do it even if yourContinue reading ““I Want To Be A Poet””

Wandering Mind

He was a brilliant poet once, he wore it like a crown but ever since the accident his mind wanders too much now though he may write a line or two that’s all that he can get through His Dr’s tell him he’ll never be the same but he’s still hoping for healing  like aContinue reading “Wandering Mind”

Fulfilled Dreams

People used to ask me as a child, What do you want to be? When I answered them, some laughed at me as they said, think more realistically They clearly thought my dreams were crazy, but here I am now at thirty three Still creating, still an artist,  and writing poetry, I’ve forgiven those peopleContinue reading “Fulfilled Dreams”