Victories (A Great Reminder)

Sometimes the greatest victories

are won through courage,

sacrifice, pain & sorrow,

Don’t give up hope in the

midst of your storm

Be thankful for your yesterdays,

todays & tomorrows

By: J.N.R Dutton

Ultimately, decided to take the advice I was given regarding this blog, and not retire it (as you can see) I did have a pretty sweet break & am actually very refreshed.

I’ll just write when I have the most time, highest energy & best inspiration.


When we describe courage, we use phrases like “having a spine”

One way we define it, is as having strength to confront what frightens us

If we could do it all the time, then it wouldn’t be extraordinary

We’ve all got things that are scary, like for me there’s heights, flights, fire,

and snakebites, just to name a few…

What haunts your mind, what are your issues?

Tell the truth & finally, tell me of a time

Your capacity for courage surprised you

By: J.N.R Dutton