Queen of Country Music

Make your way through the gates at a certain estate
Through the ranch house doors,
Make your way to the parlor,

There’s a guitar laying there
It belongs to a legendary songstress,

Lyricist, poet

If I mentioned her name, you’d surely know it
Listening to her sing, verse by verse, word by word
Is one of the most beautiful things
that could ever be heard

She’s old now, but that’s okay,
When it’s her time to go & she passes away
She’ll be remembered well for paving the way
For her musical sisters & the songs they play

She kicked down doors, ruffled feathers, rattled cages
To give opportunity to succeed
, to women of all ages

By:J.N.R Dutton

Name Dropping (Poem)

In “Country” music today
There are so many
fakes and flakes

They’re playing games
and getting paid
for name dropping

They name drop the legends,
Like Jennings, Cash and Jones
but who they were?

They wouldn’t even know

They are transparent,
Their insincerity shows
they show little respect
for down home country soul

By: J.N.R Dutton