Precious Time

Tick-tock goes the time clock

As it constantly marches on forward

Tick-tock goes the time clock

with the opening and closing

of many a door

What will you do

with the time granted you?

Tell the truth, there’s just no sense in lies

the choice is yours to make today,

Will you waste it, or will you be wise?

By: J.N.R Dutton

No Time For That

Lainey is a lady from Ferriday, Louisiana

Loves her best friend Jamie and her mama too

her daddy left when she was two

still though she managed to make do

despite all that she’s been through

she pushes on, she don’t play victim,

won’t let anything hold her back

says “life’s too short for pity parties”

she’s got no time for that

By: J.N.R Dutton