Alanna Lita

A man says to his daughter one day:

Dear Alanna Lita,

listen to me,

you don’t need a life of misery,

You deserve

every wonderful thing

that life can bring”

By:J.N.R Dutton

In this poem, Alanna Lita is not a name, so much as terms of endearment. Alanna literally translates “beautiful”, whereas Lita means “joy” or “joyful.”

In the poem, the dad is referring to his daughter as “Beautiful Joy” .

Unlikely Patient

A Dr. had a certain patient on his ward that was new, they’d never met before

as he got to know him more, the patient really struck a chord,

The Doc was struck first by the fact

that the kid was in a mental institution at only age eight

The Doc thought no kid should have so much on his emotional plate

that they end up that way

He knew it’s hard enough for an adult,

but a kid has got to be feeling crushed by so much weight

He knew parents should be there for kids, to carry them through,

that no child should feel like they’ve got no one to turn to

By:J.N.R Dutton


John Ray’s daddy was more than

a bit of a hot head

He’d scream & yell at times

till his face turned red

Punching walls till

his fisted fingers bled

John Ray said:

“man, I’ll never be that way,

Daddy, you scare me, you really gotta change

honestly if you don’t mind me saying

Sometimes you really seem kind of deranged

By:J.N.R Dutton

Mother’s Instinct

What she protected fiercely wasn’t silver or gold

But something more precious, her children

Though she knew the world can be cold

She had the heart of a dragon,

a warrior’s soul

She fought with a passion

that was fiery & bold

Evil trembled in fear when

her mother’s instinct took hold

By: J.N.R Dutton