Untitled New Poem

Jeffery James was a rodeo man, he wore a black felt western hat When he was leaving out of Amarillo, he rested his head against a greyhound glass window, using his hat as a pillow As he started drifting to dream, he heard a scream “Look ma, is that a real cowboy?”, that shout gaveContinue reading “Untitled New Poem”

Jimmy & Johnny

The leaves on the trees are already showing the Autumn hues The air’s getting cooler but Jimmy & Johnny are still running around without any shoes They’re a rambunctious pair, it’s fair to say Wild & crazy they love to play, like children do Jimmy & Johnny stay outside until dark, until they see streetContinue reading “Jimmy & Johnny”

Imagination’s Flight

When I was young, my imagination flew Watching Peter Pan, Tinkerbell & the Lost Boys too, along w/Captain Hook & his pirate crew Oh, the idea of Neverland, it was grand,  So were the stories of Sherwood Forest, Robin Hood & his merry band  My imagination’s flights were anything but bland By: J.N.R Dutton  Continue reading “Imagination’s Flight”