A Birthday Tribute To My Brother Adrian

Adrian was a giant of a man,

quite literally

He stood six foot three

but still to me

He’ll always be

my little brother

If he were still here,

I’d just give him a hug & say,

Love you kid, happy 31st birthday

I believe there’s more to life

than just what we can see,

Though for now we must be apart

He’s forever in my heart

By:J.N.R Dutton


Little brother, it’s been a few years now

since you passed away, 

and honestly, I thought I was doing okay

I found out I was wrong, in the weirdest way,

when I was out w/the family the other day

There was live music at the place

& completely randomly,

They chose your funeral song to play,

I’m sure if you could, you’d say,

“They couldn’t know”

and of course not, how could they?

It hit me so hard I couldn’t stay

I miss you still, & will every day

By: J.N.R Dutton